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EC0 2009 / 2010 Flyer      بحضور 6 وزراء مكتب الالتزام البيشى يحتفل بيوم البيشة العالمى       اتحاد الصناعات يحتفل بيوم البيئة العالمى لتشجيع الاستثمارات والتنمية      الالتزام البيئى : 215 مليون جنيه مشروعات بيئية بالمنشآت الصناعي      6 شركات كيميائية تنقل التجربة المالزية فى معاير الاسلامة والامان الكيميائية      Learning From Malaysia      مصر تسعى للإستفادة من التجربة الماليزية فى حل مشكلة القمامة      اتحاد الصناعات يشارك فى المعرض والمؤتمر الدولي لتكنولوجيا تدوير المخلفات   
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ECO strives to support enterprises in Egypt and other Arab countries in achieving environmental compliance with legislation combined with financial benefits.


Promoting the sustainable application of Cleaner Production (CP) and Energy Efficiency (EE) in order to increase the productivity of Egyptian industry and reduce risks to people and the environment.

ECO's aim:

  • To encourage industry's compliance with environmental with legion
  • To promote environmental investments
  • To improve the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) conditions in enterprises
  • To create investment and export opportunities
To achieve this, ECO provides premium consultancy services on a commercial base to the private sector, builds capacity and contributes to establishing the necessary framework for facilitating the promotion of Cleaner Production, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Management Systems.

ECO has established itself as a focal point for Cleaner Production, Environmental Management Systems and energy Efficiency activities within various industrial sectors.

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Industry & Environment Magazine
Issue # 10