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EC0 2009 / 2010 Flyer      بحضور 6 وزراء مكتب الالتزام البيشى يحتفل بيوم البيشة العالمى       اتحاد الصناعات يحتفل بيوم البيئة العالمى لتشجيع الاستثمارات والتنمية      الالتزام البيئى : 215 مليون جنيه مشروعات بيئية بالمنشآت الصناعي      6 شركات كيميائية تنقل التجربة المالزية فى معاير الاسلامة والامان الكيميائية      Learning From Malaysia      مصر تسعى للإستفادة من التجربة الماليزية فى حل مشكلة القمامة      اتحاد الصناعات يشارك فى المعرض والمؤتمر الدولي لتكنولوجيا تدوير المخلفات   
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Achieving Compliance with environmental regulation in Industry

The ACI Component is part of the Danida funded ESP (Environmental Sector Programme).


Together with Danida the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) has established an office at FEI called ECO- Environmental Compliance Office.


The component supports the industry in improving compliance with environmental regulation through Cleaner Production. Cleaner Production is the combining term used to describe cleaner technologies involved, end of pipe abatement equipment, and good environmental management


"The objective of the component is to assist industry to improve compliance with environmental regulation through Cleaner Production."


Loan Disbursements
Danida has provided funds (DKK 69 million) to be allocated as loans within the industrial sector to support initiatives abating pollution, promoting safe working conditions and ensuring environmental legislative compliance. A Cooperation agreement was signed in February 2005 between EEAA, FEI and the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) for the purpose of operating the ACI Revolving Fund (RF) for investing in new equipment.

The Revolving Fund provides enterprises with the opportunity to make economic benefits and ensure proper compliance with environmental laws. Small and medium size enterprises that are members of the FEI are eligible to apply for loans. Loans can reach up to EGP 3 million per enterprise carrying a 2.5% interest rate per year, over a period of 5 years .


Development Objective
Industry is assisted to improve compliance with environmental regulation through cleaner production.


Immediate Objective
  1. Environmental Compliance Office (ECO) at FEI serves as a link between the industry, the ETC, EEAA, and financial facilities.
  2. Awareness and usage of cleaner production (CP) in the Egyptian industry.
  3. Egyptian Technical Consultants (ETC) promote and Implement cleaner production (CP) in the industry.


  1. Services to industry in cleaner production through the Environmental Compliance Office at the Federation of Egyptian Industries.
  2. Financing facilities for these environmental management schemes and cleaner production projects.
  3. EEAA's increased experiences in awareness, improved environmental management and cleaner technologies.
  4. The capacity of the Egyptian technical consultants to assist the implementation of cleaner production in five industrial sectors (increasing over the years).
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